Embracing your wounds makes you a fighter.

Stay Strong is a mantra we preach.
Staying strong is a lifestyle we want to blend in to. No matter where you are standing in your life; at the bottom of the ladder or at the top, you’ll always talk about how your resilience to stay strong no matter what the situation is keeps you going.
What if I don’t believe in your mantra because I’ve been questioning the very reasoning behind it. What if we have stayed strong for so long, bottling up our emotions, not breaking down, not being vulnerable that our faith, our sensitivity to feel things have been affected.

What if Staying strong truly means being vulnerable, being able to accept that you’ve lost, that you’re hurt, that you’ve not accomplished what you’re looking for and it’s alright to be pulled down and it’s alright to mourn, to be pitiful, to be angry, to scream and cry. It’s alright to feel that you’re lost and you’re in pain.
It’s completely fine, because when you come in touch with your vulnerabilities you heal. When you know there’s an emotion to address and you do address it, you heal.
Healing starts when you open up to your weaknesses, when instead of putting on a strong exterior you look in to your very interiors; for there is no greater strength for being able to feel and then heal.

So next time whenever we see someone venting out their emotions, their vulnerabilities do not call them out by names like p*ssies, whiny kids or whatsoever urban dictionary slang we use.

Let’s embrace them and tell them how they’re on their path to heal and get strong.
For being strong is being vulnerable, accepting and confronting your emotions and still choosing to walk down the path you put your heart in.

For you is kind, you is strong and you is important .


6 thoughts on “Embracing your wounds makes you a fighter.

    1. abstrusesoul Post author

      You change your ways with your experiences or you have your faith encompassed in your way of doing things that bring you to the same outcome. Here its implication is not only on to the fact about staying strong but on to the path of having flexibility and openness in your approach towards life. One tends to be more rigid in their approach if they are not aware about their vulnerabilites and weaknesses. Once you upon up your vulnerabilites you start making way for reach.


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